What I thought of People Protector Akay #4

Thoughts about #1#2 and #3.


The Huge Fight Scene Dominic Regan has promised in this fun bit of prehistoric SF, action-adventure is finally upon us in all it’s glory.



There’s not too much to actually say about the opening of this issue as it’s a massive big fight done in Dominic’s three panel grid which works brilliantly on digital, and helps speed up the action of what is a pretty fun sequence.



Much of the battle is told from the perspective of the bad guys and this informs us that Akay is one hard bastard that they should be scared shitless about, though by the end even a great warrior like Akay needs to have the birds and the bees explained to him.


The use of colour in this series has been glorious as it’s helped tell the story rather than just fill in pencils and this has helped make Akay stand out from all the other fantasy ‘epics’ out there. There’s far too many comics out there full of twee elves, endless stories about fucking swords, orcs and all that fifth generation sub-Tolkien shite that was boring 30 years ago and is beyond tedious now. Dominic tries to do something different so takes the fantasy genre in a different and more fun direction. My only hope is that not only does Akay return, but a publisher picks it up so it can get a larger audience that might appreciate this different take on fantasy. After all, killer talking elephants don’t come along every day in comics do they?


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