This is what you want, this is what you get.

Today former Prime Minister Gordon Brown dragged himself out in support of Scottish Labour ‘leader’ Jim Murphy (and I think Keiza Dugdale was kind of mentioned once) and made the ‘vow plus’. This is after saying the ‘Vow’ has been fulfilled and after Labour stripped the Smith Commission of meaningful powers, so either they’ve been lying or well, they’ve been lying in what is a desperate attempt to try to grab the ‘narrative’ (politics is all about narrative in Tory/Labour world) from the SNP.

The audacity of it is astonishing. After all Brown stood there in September saying ‘more powers’ and ‘home rule’ over and over, while a compliant and supine media pushed the line over and over til the people of Scotland voted no. Yet here we are in February, only a few months later and now the powers Labour were praising as a ‘great victory’ for Scotland didn’t go far enough, yet Labour themselves stripped the Smith Commission of meaningful powers so they actually gave less than the Tories.

So Labour are trying to say they want to give Scotland more (even though they’ve ensured that it gets as little as possible) because they want to grab votes from the majority that want Devo Max but instead ended up with a fudge that sees Scotland get nothing like the ‘powerhouse parliament’ Labour said only last year had been achieved. What people want is a party that stands against austerity, fracking and Trident that will ensure democratic reform for not only the people of Scotland, but across the UK. They’ve got one so desperate that they’re pulling the same lie they did in September and are trying to sell it again as a great move forward, when most people seem to have got so fed up by them that they’re not listening anymore.

Still, at least Labour aren’t reduced to doing fake petitions in order to raise funds.




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