What I thought of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #2

Thoughts about #1.


In this second issue of Marvel’s surprisingly fun new series the eponymous Squirrel Girl teams up with Iron Man (after a fashion) and gets ready to fight the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe, Galactus. It is extraordinarily silly and all the better for it.


So why is Squirrel Girl the only person that can stop Galactus? Well, I said this is a silly comic…


So they decide to go to the Moon to fight Galactus, but first they need to get to the Moon, which means stealing a load of Tony Stark’s Iron Man armor to make a pair of new suits for Squirrel Girl and Tippy Toe, her pet squirrel.



This is all light fun superheroics where nobody stands around brooding or situations are treated seriously but instead the creators realise that not only is the character of Squirrel Girl silly, but treating superheroes as some sort of serious broody literature is just bloody daft, so we get a girl and her pet squirrel jetting off to the Moon to fight Galactus.

This is by no means a perfect comic, but it stand s out from the reams of utter dross published by Marvel and DC that doesn’t inspire and unlike most of these comics, it’s not just inspired by modern genre fiction, but there’s bits of inspiration from the history of comics here with Harvey Kurtzman’s Mad being the most obvious, not to mention DC’s Ambush Bug. It’s the sort of superhero comic the Big Two should look at and consider doing more titles that reach to a larger audience not just the core of middle aged men Marvel and DC seem happy to sell crap to.

2 thoughts on “What I thought of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #2

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