What I thought of Wild’s End #6

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I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this series and I’m glad to say this final issue doesn’t disappoint at all as it hits the ground running from the off as our little group try their best to stop the aliens from gaining on them and killing them, and the rest of the planet.




The situation is clearly desperate but little acts of heroism and defiance make it seem like our heroes might actually defeat this superior invading force.



Do they succeed? Do all of them survive? Is it open for a sequel?

I’m not answering any of those questions but I will say a sequel could happen if I assume there’s a market for it, and if Abnett and Culbard maintain this quality then I’d gladly see one happen.

Wild’s End has been a interesting experiment in telling a old type of alien invasion story in a way that’s not been done before and for that the creators and publishers need to be applauded for not just cranking out Standard Adventure Comic #1 and actually trying something away from the norm. As I’ve said before, this doesn’t change the face of the medium but it’s been a refreshingly fun and different read in a crowded market that often has titles that promise much but deliver little to nothing.

I look forward to it’s possible return….

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