What UKIP thought about 100 Days of UKIP

Last night Channel 4 broadcast their mockumentary 100 Days of UKIP, a satirical film about a proposed UKIP government’s first 100 days in power as told via the story of their only Asian heritage MP, played by Priyanga Burford who looks scarily like an old girlfriend of mine from a long, long time ago.

The film itself is pretty poor with only Burford’s performance making it really stand out as a work of fiction, but it does manage to land a few blows upon UKIP, and of course, the people that follow a political party that has scary overtures of a cult about it. It takes a pop at UKIP’s only real policies; pulling out of the EU and immigration with the latter landing a harder blow than the former. The filmmakers make it clear a UK withdrawal from the EU would be devastating for jobs in the UK, but it’s a thread they don’t develop and that’s a pity as it’s where UKIP are incredibly weak. I know Kippers say they’d make new trade arrangements with India, the US and China but they’re never able to answer what extra we’ll make that these countries would want, or indeed, how the UK being independent of any large trading bloc would leave it competing with these large trading blocs.Essentially the UK would be getting the scraps off the table assuming of course it retains the financial service industry that gave Farage his break, or indeed, it managed to diversify it’s economy which hasn’t been something UKIP seem to want to do.

As for the immigration policy the film managed to land some cracking blows,especially by pointing out the logical continuation of raiding businesses and homes in that the authorities would end up targeting non-white people. In fact it’s only extrapolating current coalition policy and threading it through the eye of UKIP’s needle to the point where UKIP get ex-soldiers in as their ‘Purpleshirts’ to do their bidding.

All in all though 100 Days of UKIP missed more than it hit. It could have been a vicious bit of satire that really hurt but it ended up really just mooning UKIP, and confirming the bias of people like myself that despise UKIP’s beige fascism. What it was incredibly successful in doing is upsetting UKIP supporters who are such libertarians that they demand punishment or worse for Channel 4. This hilarious video is about par for the course.

Meanwhile on Twitter they exploded into red-faced impotent anger. The most common types of complaint are this firstly.



This follows the assumption most of the million or so people watching the programme or even in the UK are going to vote for a party that’s predicted to get anything from 0-5 seats.

The next is hilarious.


The sense of victimisation is beautiful. If in the history of TV, there had never been any drama or satire aimed at any other party then they’re onto something but you need to avoid, G.B.H, A Very British Coup, House of Cards, Spitting Image, That Was The Week That Was, Drop the Dead Donkey or any politically based programme that’s been on British TV for the last 50 or so years. All this shows is the lack of cultural and political knowledge as well as the pathetic sense of entitlement that UKIP is somehow being singled out, when in fact it’s not.

Then there’s this.


The only people it’s likely to make them want to vote UKIP are those that want to discriminate against non-white people, and that think the EU are Commies or Nazis, it’s hard to tell what Kippers think as thinking rationally seems to be somewhat problematic.

Then there’s Nigel Farage himself. A enigma wrapped in a Arthur Daley coat smelling of beer and tabs. His comments are simply stupefying.


Can anyone explain what ‘believing in Britain’ means without making it sound vaguely cryptofascist or why Farage is giving out this Norsefire vibe in his picture?

100 Days of UKIP wasn’t great TV, but it did highlight the incredibly thin skin of a party and it’s supporters that cling onto the hope that they’re going to win the election or be so influential that they’ll be able to decide government policy (predictions put them a long, long way behind the predicted third party, the SNP) from sitting in the snug of the Farage and Fascist.  In reality UKIP may have helped drag Labour, the Tories and Lib Dems to the right, but as a direct influencer of power they could end up failing to register outside of the South East of England, and indeed, Farage himself could yet again fail to be elected for Westminster.

The programme has served it’s purpose in exposing the party to people perhaps thinking of using them as a protest, or indeed, it’s just let people like me laugh at what is an example of the death rattle of a form of nationalism that’s on it’s last legs. Yet we know where UKIP draws much of it’s support from and we know of how there’s a Venn diagram crossover of UKIP and EDL supporters, and hopefully this is something that becomes clearer. Once the purdah period starts in about a month it’ll be staid, bland party political politics from then until May the 8th….

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