What I thought of Terminal Hero #6

Thoughts about #1#2#3#4 and #5.


This is the last issue of Pete Milligan’s Terminal Hero, a series I’d thought was ongoing but that I suppose shows how much attention I pay. It also comes out a few days after Milligan’s former collaborator Brett Ewins passed away which is a reason for me to say that it’s a bloody tragedy Ewins passed only at the age of 59. I met the man a few times in the 1980’s and 1990’s and he was funny, interesting and clearly loved his work. He’s a massive influence on the British comics scene, as well as the world of music and street art. He’ll be missed.

As for this final issue of Terminal Hero, Mia and Minesh square off against Rory after his attempts to reach a reasonable solution so here’s Milligan giving the superhero fan a tease of a Big Fight Scene from the off, but in reality, the Big Fight is with the grotesque Tumour Kid.


After the fight, Rory gets dragged into an orgy that thanks to Treatment Q, is bizarre even for what he’s had to go though in the last five issues.


MI6 however still wants Rory to kill Mia and Minesh or they’ll go back to his adopted family in America and threaten/kill them, so they have Rory by the bollocks and this is picked up by Mia and Minesh who share a psychic link with Rory. As for how Rory manages to wrap things up you’ll have to read it for yourselves but the ending feels rushed in places (the MI6 plot feels especially hurried) but there’s a sad melancholy that dominates this issue and that feels somewhat apt.

Terminal Hero has been the best thing Milligan has written in some time. It’s been a challenging, at times very challenging comic that’s dealt with the subject of cancer in what could be a trivial way, but feels like Milligan letting lose a massive scream as after all, we’ve all at some point had to deal with the effects of cancer either directly or indirectly as family or friends suffer from it. We’ve all wanted to kill cancer, and in this comic that happens so from a cathartic point of view Terminal Hero works, which is I think the point of the entire series. That’s all it needs to make it such an outstanding series.

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