What I thought of Annihilator #5

Thoughts about #1#2#3 and #4.


I’m a bit late with this review mainly because I totally forgot all about it. This isn’t that memorable a series though as I’ve said, had this come out in the early or mid 1990’s, this would have been a fantastic series rather than going over the same ground that Morrison’s trodden into a trench by by now.


It’s not that Annihilator isn’t an engaging story, it is, but it’s so tired in it’s characterisations with the moody anti-hero, the Hollywood druggie writer and the sassy female lead that could have appeared in any mainstream comic over the last couple of decades.



Even Fraser Irving’s art makes it look like a product of the 90’s, and his art is good, but again, it’s like a 90’s band dragging itself out for one more album and tour to pay off a tax bill. This however could me being entirely cynical.

This isn’t a bad comic, just uninspiring which is a huge pity as you expect better from these creators.

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