What I thought of Bodies #8

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Finally the last issue of this increasingly interesting and enjoyable comic written by Si Spencer reaches a conclusion and it’s something I approached with no idea how anything would pan out to climax.


Nothing in this final issue plays out as I even remotely expected. Explanations are made, and The Long Harvest is explained, with characters finding redemption after issues of being put through hell, some don’t. Bodies has been a series that started slowly but head a clear head of steam after a few issues into something that although imperfect (I still think it’s politics are little bit too middle class Guardian for real authenticity) is a finely constructed comic that’s been layered in such a way that all the timezones the story is set in come together in an ending that’s certainly open to interpretation.

But Bodies reveals itself to be a love letter to a multicultural England (though at times the book discusses the UK, so conflating ‘England’ as the UK is sloppily lazy) and a search for an English identity that leads to a discussion upon Glastonbury Tor.


I’ve enjoyed this series a lot. Yes, it’s not quite succeeded but I find the idea that what seemed like a murder mystery spread through time has morphed into something about English culture and identity. That ambition in storytelling is admirable in an age when far too many comics rely upon easy kicks and barely challenge the brain in a way 99% of DC Comics output doesn’t.

I heartily recommend this as a trade when it comes out as it’s a comic that deserves to live on your bookshelves.


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