What I thought of 1 Night on Earth #1

1nightonearth1 Night on Earth is a mini-anthology comic telling the stories of people in five cities (Hong Kong, San Salvador, Sydney, Los Angeles and Miami) across the planet with different creators telling the story in each city.


Each story focuses around one person and gives a little insight into their existence in one of these giant cities where people can slip through the cracks and live a squalid existence yet still love their family, or trying to leave old friends behind.


This isn’t a happy comic celebrating these cities, but an interesting mix of stories that have a sad melancholic streak running though them all.


There are stereotypes on display but the writing is of a very high standard that ensure the reader isn’t bored by these little vignettes, not to mention the art throughout the comic is superb as is the use of colour.


This is an enjoyable little comic that does have it’s roots in the excellent Love and Rockets which is no bad thing at all, though at times the scripting and layouts are a bit crude, they still work in telling their stories.


It’s one of those little gems Comixology puts up on Submit among the crap fantasy and superhero titles that are sadly all too common, but this is a lovely little surprise. For 69p it’s a great package too.



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