Jim Murphy is taking questions on the BBC

‘Scottish’ Labour Team Leader Jim Murphy is taking questions from the public in a webchat on the BBC site this week. Considering this is yet another dreadful week for Murphy and his party in Scotland this could be like kicking a man when he’s not just down, but being slung into his coffin.

I’m going to ask him how much he’s funded by the UK government, as after all, Murphy spent nine years as a student and left with nothing apart from a Labour seat and various connections to show for it, not to mention endless expense forms in his time as an MP. So Jim’s had plenty of money from the people of the UK, so I want to know if he realises this and when perhaps the people can start seeing a return on that beyond the comedy value he brings?

We should also remember the other things that the UK government has funded as pointed out here on Wings Over Scotland.

So apart from the hilarity of a Jim Murphy webchat we’ve got Danny Alexander coming up with this idea that plastering ‘funded by the UK government’ is(something Twitter took to their collective hearts)  going to make self-determination and devolution go away.

It’s almost as if they’ve ran out of ideas and are so desperate they’ll do and say anything to make themselves look good and cling onto their jobs that many Labour MP’s in Scotland look set to lose in just a couple of months time.


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