What I thought of Nameless #2

Thoughts about #1.


I didn’t really think that the first issue of Grant Morrison’s latest comic was especially bad, but I didn’t think it was especially good, though there were signs that perhaps Morrison was trying to do something different for the first time in a while. Issue two is much of the same  in that we’ve got the usual Morrison things of an alienated loner as the only person that could save the planet, strange secret organisations, hi-tech space adventure, Lovecraftian horror and Glaswegianisms.


The problem is that it’s too cinematic, too obviously designed to be adapted into a film which is really something that’s a bloody pain in the arse with far too many comics in the mainstream these days.


This said, Nameless is incredibly readable mainly because although Morrison may be treading water these days, he can still turn a good story and Nameless is a good little story. Pity that it really isn’t something that isn’t going over Morrison’s past ground.

2 thoughts on “What I thought of Nameless #2

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