So Kanye West is playing Glastonbury……

Top pop arsehole Kanye West is headlining the Saturday night at the Pyramid Stage at this year’s Glastonbury Festival and this is caused people to kick off and write petitions about how West shouldn’t play, is crap and brings the festival into some sort of disrepute, or that it’s commercialising the festival.

Now I’ve been going to Glastonbury since 1992. In that time I’ve seen some utter shite on the main stages, fuck, I even endured Coldplay one year while on drugs, but I’d never see a massive tool like West because Glastonbury only has something like 20 different stages and I’d not know what to do! The fact is that like the protests against Metallica and Jay Z, there’s a snobbery on display that populist mainstream music hasn’t a place on the main stage, yet here’s a wee secret, populist mainstream music has been on the main stages at Glastonbury since the very beginning. The only thing that’s changed is the quality (for me) has seriously declined but I’m sure people will find something to do if they don’t want to endure Kanye twiddle around on stage.

There’s also a touch of almost racist snobbishness on display. It’s essentially arseholes complaining about an arsehole and there’s a paradox of arseholes as to which ones are the most offensively annoying.

I’ve blogged quite extensively about Glastonbury over the years and I’ve commented a lot on the festival’s commercialisation so I think I know what I’m saying when I say that the festival commercialised a long time ago, at least on the main stages. Coldplay are a commercial band. The Verve are, so are Blur, so is Bruce Springsteen, and on and on. Michael Eavis isn’t going to stick on Dumpy’s Rusty Nuts on a Saturday night at the Pyramid as TV audiences aren’t going to watch and he needs the money from the BBC to help fund the festival. If that means shite like West gets booked then fine, but for fuck’s sake, there’s going to be something else to do.

I’m not going this year as I take a year out in order to sort out my relocation back to Glasgow, but had I been going I’d simply call him an arsehole and probably end up in the Avalon field, up the Stone Circle, by the Jazz Stage or chilling round a fire with mates. Really, it’s not that bloody hard to avoid someone like West, so don’t complain about it. Don’t like it, don’t go.

But he is an arsehole’s arsehole….

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