Get back in your box Scotland and do as you’re told.

On this morning Andrew Marr programme there was this conversation between former SNP leader Alex Salmond and Tory MP Anna Soubry. A few months back it’d have been extraordinary but in the here and now it’s actually quite restrained compared to the shrill insanity thrown at the people of Scotland because they’re not going to get back to normal after the independence referendum.

The telling thing is that Sourby thinks it’s Labour’s fault and by implication Scotland should vote Labour that this ‘undemocratic’ possibility of the SNP being powerbrokers in the election in May has arisen. There’s not an ounce of realisation that people are voting not just for the people they think may represent them better (surely the very essence of democracy) but against a system in Westminster that’s broken (illegal wars, covering up paedophiles, austerity, expenses scandal, corruption, cronyism, and on and on) by voting for people representing a party that eventually wants to remove Scotland from that system

So there’s two attitudes on display. One is the Othering and demonisation of voters in Scotland and the other is the attitude on display here that voting for a party not supporting the Union is a threat to democracy itself and Labour should be the party people vote for, even though as a Tory she’d never fully say it yet the inference is there. It displays a massive contempt for people and for the concept of democracy in a country that is itself a constitutional monarchy, not a full democracy.  There’s a confusion from these sort of Unionists and defenders of the establishment that people aren’t ‘behaving’, and that people voting for the party that they want is a threat worse than Putin!!!!!

Meanwhile in Scotland, SNP membership is past the 100k markand is still growing. Nicola Sturgeon has embarked on a series of talks and speeches to the media and economists in London that have on the whole been very well accepted as she seeks to reassure the people of England that her party aren’t baby-eating trolls (that’d be other parties MP’s that threaten children) and thanks to the No vote last year, are trying to participate in UK democracy. Yet the message is barely getting through thanks to hatchet jobs like this yet as a Scot living in England  when I discuss the SNP, Sturgeon, etc, the venom that was once on display is slipping to be replaced by a longing that many in England can’t vote for a party like the SNP. People want to vote for a party that no longer supports austerity, talks about growing the economy, doesn’t demonise immigrants, the sick, the unemployed, the disabled and wants the very wealthy to put their hands in their pockets.

The next month or so is going to be tough for SNP campaigners as the establishment goes full pelt on them, but there’s a real urge in the UK for something to break the back of the establishment and if the SNP do that so that it helps not only the people of Scotland, but the UK, then the establishment parties have to do some serious explaining to people as to how they didn’t do that themselves.

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