The Daily Telegraph supports an anti-SNP agenda

It’s been a really, really, really crap day. I was trying to chill out after hearing some shite news and was going to just lay off updating this blog apart from my comic reviews for a few weeks. Then I saw this from the Daily Telegraph and I just got so fucking angry that I have to vent a tad. The crucial part is this…

Mr Salmond sees himself as a modern version of Charles Stewart Parnell, the Irish nationalist leader who caused parliamentary mayhem in an attempt to break the Union at the end of the 19th century, bringing down two governments in the process. He is relying on the 45 per cent who voted Yes last September to stick with the SNP, while the majority who voted No to split three ways among the Union parties.

The best way of stopping him, therefore, is to use tactical voting to defeat the SNP candidates wherever they stand. Understandably, the leaders of the three other parties are reluctant to recommend such a move to their supporters and Labour is especially tribal in Scotland, where its complacency has played into the SNP’s hands. In normal times, expecting a Conservative to vote Labour or vice versa would be unreasonable; but these aren’t normal times. To avert a crisis that will once again threaten the Union, a new and bold approach is needed to stop Mr Salmond in his tracks.


It’s completely remarkable that a British national paper could print this completely undemocratic idea that barely treats the people of Scotland as sane people. It’s frankly, fucking mental but is tinged with the ‘Jockophobia’ we’ve seen over the last few months that’s now become the norm not only in Tory mouthpieces like the Telegraph, but in the Guardian and other supposed leftish outposts. Every day sees the establishment become more and more frantic to the point that democracy itself goes out the window as they decry the SNP and Salmond as everything just short of a terrorist, yet even that is in itself hinted at strongly as the panic sets in.

So there you have it. Fuck democracy, vote to keep people down. Eat your cereal. Shut up. Fuck off. Do as you’re told. Nah, fuck the Telegraph, and fuck those that think this is a good idea that isn’t do anything but end very, very badly for the Unionist parties.

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