The Labour Party have no plan for the future

I’ve just had an email from Labour asking me to vote for them in my constituency here in Bristol.


Thing is I’m going to vote for the Greens as they stand a chance of winning, aren’t mired in corruption, supporting illegal wars, voting for austerity, scandal ridden careerists many on Labour are. Also, the Greens are in an alliance with the SNP and Plaid Cymru, so it’s only way I can show my support for a progressive group of parties that should hopefully reform this country once and for all. Of course this is all wishful thinking and anyhow, I know all about my local MP having mentioned his actions previously.

The problem is that Labour aren’t campaigning here on a positive vision for the people of Bristol West, but using the same tactic they are in Scotland of negative campaigning to get the sitting MP out, or live on past glories or in this case, top all that with nothing at all about what Labour will do for this area, which as I’ve pointed out, is a pretty complex area mixing extreme poverty, middle class comfort, hipster-led gentrification and astonishing riches.

No, the astonishing thing is Labour trying to get cash and using this line.


Labour are painting a image of them making a new type of campaign, yet only a few days ago it was revealed they’ve got their own millionaire backer which is only one in a line of them.

Truth is both Tories and Labour are funded by a small group of millionaires as well as party memberships, but it’s these massive donations that allows both parties to have a iron grip on campaign spending and therefore what you and I see in the next few weeks before the election. Labour has no intention of fighting a different sort of campaign as anyone paying attention to Scotland can tell you, but the truth is that at the start of the election campaign both parties are going to lie, cheat, obfuscate and simply talk shite while all the time we get no positive vision of a country. Just this shite about voting to keep the other lot out and endless bouts of entitlement from the pair of them.

Be warned, this is only going to get worse in an election where Tory and Labour know neither stand any good chance of a clear majority so are going to pull every trick in the book.


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