Cameron versus Milliband: The Battle for Number 10

The first debate of the election is raging as I type this and David Cameron has just batted off some hard questions from Jeremy Paxman, and is now struggling with some of the softest, most softball questions you can imagine from the studio audience. The lack of sincerity is amazing but not unexpected, while the format has been engineered in such a way that it suits Cameron yet it’s making him look cold, aloof, fake and well, slimy. Again, this isn’t a surprise.

Cameron’s clearly learned from the debates last time and last year for the Scottish independence referendum that the status quo candidate or representative looks terrible, so has tried as hard as possible to mitigate that effect. Yet, he’s still terrible and the foundation he’s slapped on to make him look less shiny is just hilarious.

Now it’s Ed Milliband’s turn. His first question as some pish about why he doesn’t cheer up. This is blatantly ridiculous.As regular readers of this blog know I’m no longer a Labour voter having seen the party leave me some time ago, but it’s clear Milliband is getting tougher questions from the audience but is remarkably handling it well which isn’t saying much. There is however no questions about Scotland until Jeremy Paxman asks Milliband about ‘Alex Salmond’s blood money’. So yeah, fuck you Paxman.

At the end neither leader came out on top, though possibly Milliband shaved it yet even so he still looked a bloody shambles, but at least seemed not to be a shiny reptilian like Cameron. Though Cameron’s foundation to calm down his shininess was hilarious in its vanity.

As I write this now it’s the next morning and according to one poll in the Guardian, Cameron won the debate which even a SNP/Green voter like myself finds extraordinary. Now both men were playing in a one-legged arse kicking competition and as bad as Milliband was (how many millions cringed at the ‘hell yeah’ moment?) he at least came out and answered questions, and didn’t evade, obfuscate and openly lie (the UK was not ‘as broke as Greece’) as Cameron did.

Did that convince anyone? Possibly it made a few people havering to go for Labour, and all it did was to play to Tory confirmation bias, but there was a paucity of debate, intelligence and genuine actual passion for the causes both men are supposed to represent. It’s the utter opposite of the debates during the Scottish independence referendum and for me, shows not only how far behind politics outside Scotland is, but also the lack of decent, intelligent leaders compared to people like Nicola Sturgeon or Patrick Harvie. Hell, even Ruth Davison would be more palatable than that Cameron dick.

Next week it’s the only time Milliband and Cameron get to face off, albeit with Sturgeon, Bennett, Wood, Clegg and the far right UKIP leader Farage. That should be a sight to behold…


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