Bernard Butler’s People Move On is 17 years old.

In 1998 Britpop was on it’s last legs as people moved onto other things. People bought Kula Shaker albums. Things were pretty poor, but one album came out that for me is the last great burst of what Britpop was at it’s best when it created great forward looking music with a tinge of what influenced it, rather than tired retreads of what Noel Gallagher heard in his mam’s record collection.

That album is Bernard Butler’s People Move On. It didn’t do especially well on it’s release though I remember it being quite critically praised, mainly for it’s Nick Drake/Phil Spector influences. The big single, Stay, grazed the UK top ten as did the album but didn’t hang around as long as it should have.

Butler by this point had left Suede (and I’ve mentioned before my love for Suede) due to ‘creative differences’, which led to a splendid collaboration with David McAlmont, but this album came as ¬†something that at the time I adored and still do. So when pottering around this morning I realised this album is 17 years old it doesn’t make me feel depressingly old, it makes me feel sad that such a fantastic album is nearly lost in the history of music, which is sad as you can hear a lot of acts that seem like they’ve listened to this album and drawn from it. None though have that talent for melody, tune and song Butler has.

Anyhow, here’s the album in it’s Youtube version. Enjoy.

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