What I thought of Big Man Plans #2

Thoughts about #1.


The first issue of this Will Eisner inspired tale of revenge by Eric Powell and Tim Wiesch apart from being excellent, also set thing up nicely for the rest of it’s short run, and this issue hits the ground running with a couple of great opening panels.


This issue opens with such a brutal act of violence that it’s probably going to turn a lot of stomachs but it’s important we see the brutality of our as yet unnamed main character, as this is why he’s returned home to enact the worst sort of revenge upon people that (we assume) have done him wrong. It’s also put into context with a touching flashback that puts the main characters childhood front and centre, and it wasn’t an especially happy one.


Our protagonist is told by his father that because of his height, life basically is going to fuck him over again and again and again, but to never give up, a vow he holds dear to him. This provides him the drive to survive everything life throws at him from prison to the Vietnam War, but as yet we have no idea why he’s back home for revenge but by now the hints are this is him getting revenge upon those that bullied him so badly at school, hence the juxtaposition of this scene so quickly after the brutal opening.

The rest of this issue is hard to describe without spoiling it too much, but our main character tries to continue his mission of revenge, but is stopped by the equally brutal police force who decide to take the law into their own hands.


Needless to say the series doesn’t end here, but this is a pretty mean tale of revenge that doesn’t hold back. It’s stripped of the stylistic flourishes of most modern crime comics and just paints a simple, but no less effective tale of a man that is never going to give up to finish off that which he started, and next issue looks as if that revenge is going to step up a gear.

This is a fantastic comic that if you’re not getting I’d highly recommend that you do so right now. I


2 thoughts on “What I thought of Big Man Plans #2

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