What I thought of Nameless #3

Thoughts about #1 and #2.



The thing is about Nameless is that it’s not a bad comic, it’s actually quite alright, but it’s just a odd mix of what is obviously a film script/treatment (or at least has one eye on that) and Morrison’s usual themes. This issue at least finally takes us into the mysterious asteroid that threatens all life on Earth.


This issue takes a few beats from Prometheus as the crew use drones to investigate the depths of this asteroid and they discover the remnants of an alien civilisation designed to be in a state of perpetual war. The further they go they discover this is a prison ship designed to hold the worst prisoners in this war and once they discover this things go very, very badly wrong.

I’ve been quite harsh on this comic til now, but it has frankly fannyed around as this issue really is one of the best things Morrison’s written in some time. It’s an effective SF/horror story that although it borrows from the aforementioned Prometheus, not to mention a massive chunk of Event Horizon, actually starts developing it’s own direction. It’s a cracking issue and hopefully sets the next issues up well as this is Morrison telling a story in simple (though never simplistic) ways and with Chris Burnham’s effective art, this is a comic worth picking up.

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