I’ve just voted Green in the General Election

My postal vote arrived this morning for the General Election next month. I’ve voted Green and it felt good in the knowledge that I may have not just got rid of the hopeless Lib Dem MP for Bristol West, Stephen Williams, but helped the Greens get their second MP in the shape of Dominic Hill, and the Progressive Alliance of SNP, Plaid Cymru and Greens get another MP on their side to barter with what looks like a minority Labour government.

At this moment in time I’m positive of the right, not to mention the best result for not only the people of Bristol but of the UK. For too long people have been let down and they need good local MP’s like I hope Hill will be. It might shake people out of their complacency and it might get them up off their arses to actually engage with politics as the people of Scotland are rather than just sitting back taking it.

We’ve got a prime chance of something potentially very good in three weeks. Choose wisely, but at least vote because the next five years can’t be Tory, but they can’t be a pure Labour government either. Both would be disastrous so make your choice very wisely indeed!


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