Are the Tories going to use the SNP as an excuse to have a political coup?

Yes it is a bit of clickbaity headline for this blog but I was reading this article on Vice, and it’s probably the best bit of analysis for the forthcoming general election I’ve read so far. It”s a fantastic piece and I’d recommend reading it before carrying on with this blog here.

Read it? Good.

For those that can’t be arsed reading it, the jist is that the Tories, terrified of yet again losing an election (they’ve not won an election since 1992 and don’t look like winning this one) and scared of losing their self-assigned role as the ‘natural party of government’ are (with the aid of their mates in the Tory press) using every single dirty trick in the book to slur the SNP (the party that have said they’d support a minority Labour government) as a threat on the scale with global terrorism, AID’s or any aold shite they can come up with.

Only today we’ve had Boris Johnson compared Nicola Sturgeon to King Herod, and John Major just talk nonsense, but it’s all part of a narrative that Others the SNP in the eyes of the English Tory voter, so that come May the 8th and we see that no party overall has won that the Tories will say Labour can’t even have a chance to form a government as they either won’t be ‘the largest party’ (a myth that’s been struck down over and over again) or worse, that the SNP shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a UK government. That they in effect don’t count so only the Tories can govern.

Now all of this sounds fantastic but look at the rhetoric towards Sturgeon and the SNP? Its simply extraordinary that a democratically elected leader and her party are being spoken of as if they were a bigger threat than ISIS. It’s still a bit outlandish though right?

Well the crucial paragraph in that Vice article is this one.

On Sunday, the “coup” stepped up a gear. In a fascinating piece in the Sunday Times, we learn that the Queen – who technically has the power to choose who forms the government – has had to make clear she will not get involved in propping up a government that does not have the support of the majority of MPs. It stresses that we don’t know whether it’s Miliband or Cameron who asked the question, but there is one revealing quote from a Palace source: “Cameron remains Prime Minister but he can’t borrow the Queen for support”.

As the article says that quote strongly suggests the Tories have tapped up the monarch for support. That’s simply extraordinary. Now forget for a moment about whether we should have a monarchy or not (I firmly believe we shouldn’t) but the system is that they’re supposed to be neutral, so for one party to approach the monarch and for Buckingham Palace to deliver such a statement is possibly the biggest story in the this election that’s not made bigger headlines than it has.

There’s one more paragraph I’d like to highlight and it’s this one:

If Buckingham Palace can be convinced – through the creation of an atmosphere where a Labour-SNP coalition is considered unthinkable – to retain Cameron above a Labour leader that can command a majority in the House, that really would be a power grab that would raise eyebrows in a banana republic. It would make a total mockery of the British “constitution”. The fact that the Palace have even had to brief against the idea – that it’s even a possibility to the Conservatives that the Palace would overrule the electorate – is astonishing. Yet it seems likely that is exactly what the Tories have been sounding out.

Think about this. Over the last few months the campaign against the SNP has been growing as it became clearer and clearer that Labour were not having the comeback London based hacks had predicted, nor were the SNP showing any signs of dipping in the polls. Far from it. In fact if anything they’re going up in the polls. So for the establishment it’s all hands on deck as they can’t have the SNP participate even though as democratically elected representatives they have every right to set foot in the Commons, and support any UK government.

It’s just over a fortnight til the election and I don’ t think we’ve seen anything yet but remember this article and think about just why the Tory press are trying to make you think the SNP are something they’re not, and just how much that thinking the SNP are a ‘threat’ or ‘illegitimate’ benefits Cameron and the Tories.

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