The Lib Dems and Labour came to my door and it ended badly for them..

The Lib Dems buzzed my door. I thought for a second to tell them just to piss off and go back to watching Breaking Bad. Nah, I thought I’d got to the door and have a chat.

Two canvassers stood there smiling asking if I’d like to discuss about the Lib Dems & I pointed out that I’d received a leaflet from them and found their negative campaigning to be depressing. They then said that the Lib Dems are ‘the only party to keep the Tories honest’, and yes, that caused me to kick off. I asked them if they thought that the bedroom tax is honest? If the growth of food banks is honest? If those young people consigned to the scrapheap is a result of the Lib Dems keeping the Tories honest? If giving up every single last Liberal principle from Home Rule to PR is honest?

As you can imagine the reaction from the doorknockers was one of ‘oh fuck’. This got better when one of my neighbours (a Green supporter) joined in and he also tore into them in regards their environmental policies. After around ten minutes the pair scampered away with their tail between their legs and a smug sense of self satisfaction grew in me that in my own wee way I’d kicked the Bristol West MP, Stephen Williams, in the bollocks.

Then this morning Labour came round. I heard them buzz other flats and then I must have been the only one that answered. Now to be fair, the Labour candidate here isn’t too bad. She seems like one of the few Labour candidates that gives a toss but I couldn’t turn up a chance to hear Labour’s pitch directly. Again two canvassers were there, and again they launched right into their pitch but I stopped them when I asked them if they knew how many Labour MP’s voted against austerity, as after all their opening pitch was ‘only Labour can stop austerity’ (paraphrasing slightly) so they’d know right?

They said Labour tried to stop austerity. I pointed out only five Labour MP’s voted against austerity. They were taken aback. They said I was wrong. I pointed out that I could go back into my flat and pull up the voting record and I’d show that in fact they were wrong, and in fact Labour MP’s voted for austerity, or abstained. I then pointed out Labour standing with and doing the Tories dirty work in Scotland, and how Tory and Labour work hand-in-hand in councils across the UK. I asked if Milliband was going to take the SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon’s offer to lock the Tories out or does the party come first? This prompted them to come out with the line ‘but the biggest party forms the government’ which I responded that in fact, that is a bloody huge lie.

At this point they gave up. They clearly weren’t used to such doorstep debate and clearly weren’t used to people being informed about things they weren’t. Thing is the latest Ashcroft polls show Bristol West is developing into a two way fight between Labour and the Greens so every vote is now crucial. The Tories aren’t even trying in the area so I don’t expect a visitor from them and I sadly missed the Green canvassing, and as for UKIP I don’t think they’ve got the bollocks to canvass round the Gloucester Road.

But it looks as if Stephen Williams is a dead man walking and the seat is either going to Labour or Greens, and at the end of the day I begrudgingly accept a Labour victory (but I’d much, much prefer the Greens to win) if it meant getting rid of the Lib Dems.


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