Anti-SNP hysteria hits new heights

Wings Over Scotland handily gathers together some of the worst examples of the insane rhetoric being thrown against Nicola Sturgeon (a special word has to got to Dollgate), The SNP and also the people of Scotland in the press this weekend. The most insane and shocking is the Daily Mail’s cover this morning.


Once you get past the fact the Mail is giving away a whole roast chicken, the headline is probably (even for the Mail) the most hysterical undemocratic thing I’ve seen on the front page of a British newspaper in my life, and that is saying something.

The problem is that if you want the Union to continue as the Mail and all those frantic politicians, celebrities and others wanted last year, and if you are any sort of democrat then the SNP (a party that have had MP’s in Westminster for decades) MP’s are just as legitimate as any other. Otherwise it really does smack as if the Tories and their mates in the media are trying to delegitimise SNP MP’s in the eyes of the public and effectively pull of a political coup in front of everyone. This is already something people have discussed.

Now the thing is the SNP are asking for much. An end to austerity and Trident are the main two things, and you’d think Labour would support an end to austerity but as Ed Balls has admitted, after 2016 Labour will continue cutting, and they’re also committed to the pointless waste of money that is Trident to keep the UK’s place at the international Big Boys Table. The SNP are hardly left wing compared to the Labour Party before the 1980’s, but they’re far more left than the Labour Party of today, yet even these modest ideas of ending austerity and spending the billions spent on Trident spent on actually building a proper navy and on people suffering in the UK is seen as a ‘threat’.

The fact is there’s been a coup of the UK by right wing extremists that’s not happened overnight, but its happened over a few decades. It’s dragged the South of England to the right and dumped the North of England, Scotland, Wales and NI as it’s all about maintaining the power and influence of the City of London. This is just another manifestation of the lack of democracy inherent in a system where newspaper owners wield too much power over political parties and treats even the SNP presentation of an anti-austerity message as a ‘threat’ worse than WW2, Suez, the Gulf War 1 and 2, international terrorism and nuclear war.

But then the idea that the SNP is the biggest threat since the abdication is about appealing to a certain type of Tory, The type of Tory that looks at people in Scotland expressing the desire for self-determination as ‘petty nationalists’ while draped in the Union Flag, getting teary eyes at the Last Night of the Proms and getting choked up when another royal baby is born.

It’s now ten days til the election. In those ten days I fully expect things to get much, much worse, and I’d not be surprised one bit if the establishment don’t label the SNP as terrorists or worse. Whatever happens I can say that after the dust settles things are not going to be the same in the UK ever again.

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