The Battle of the Beanfield

Yesterday in London and Cardiff there were anti-austerity demonstrations against the new Tory government. In London, there were serious riots that have been reported by the BBC is a way that is clearly against the protesters.This is just the first of many but it’s time to take a lesson from history in terms of reporting by the media.

30 years ago the Battle of the Beanfield happened. Along with the police violence seen during the Miner’s Strike, this still is one of the most shocking examples of police brutality (this time against the growing New Age Traveler movement of the time) and state oppression of the Thatcher era. This video shows the broadcast ITN report and then follows it up with the raw ITN footage that never got broadcast.

Here’s a fairly decent documentary putting it all into context.

I’m not saying the events yesterday even compare to that. They don’t. In the forthcoming weeks, months and years it’s worth remembering just what happened when the establishment decided to demonise a section of people and to violently punish them, because the brutality in the videos above was a brutal punishment.

So be prepared. The next five years are going to get very, very messy.


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