Jim Murphy has survived as leader of ‘Scottish’ Labour-oh no he hasn’t!

Jim Murphy has somehow survived as ‘Scottish’ Labour leader by astonishingly winning a no-confidence vote by three votes after seeing his party reduced to one MP & he himself lost his own seat.

Imagine a manager of a football team leading his players to relegation to the Conference and being celebrated for it because this is what’s happened here. Labour have effectively shot themselves in both feet because one of the reasons Labour failed was Murphy himself with his awful style and his terrible staged rallies, and publicity stunts. He never at any time convinced, and even in this he doesn’t convince.

But as much as SNP supporters are laughing, the problem is that Labour are now a distraction from the fight against the Tories, hence why so many are becoming active off their own backs rather than wait for Labour to maybe, possibly get their shit together.

As for Murphy it’s another year of stupidity, endless shite about ‘NATS R BAD!!’ and failing to do anything that makes people think Labour are a party worth voting for. In the meantime the rest of us are going to be taking on the Tories & try to be constructive but for Labour in Scotland this is the end. I cannot see them returning from the damage Murphy has done & will do over the next year before the Holyrood elections that could see Labour reduced to the fourth largest party.


He’s actually resigning. He’s also having a pop at Len McClusky & the unions. If there’s anything that could be more divisive than him staying on it’s what he’s done now. As a former Labour voter and member, this is fucking embarrassing. A senior Labour Party leader is attacking the unions…..


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