Let’s hunt and kill Katie Hopkins!

Imagine the scene. It’s live television. Davina McCall or Dermot OLeary is presenting a programme where famous media mouthpiece Katie Hopkins is being hunted through the streets of London by a variety of people. Hopkins is being chased by a pack of hungry dogs and manages to escape being torn limb-from-limb but as she staggers into the finale at some huge site, say the O2 Arena, she’s hounded by the crowd but just as she staggers up to thank McCall and say something offensive for the hell of it, a loud shot rings out and she’s killed by a Syrian refugee holding a gun plastered with the logos of soft drink companies as after all, this would be commercial television.

As the last of her live bleeds away all she can hear is the presenter saying ‘come back next week where we’ll be hunting and killing Rupert Murdoch‘ and the blackened, shriveled husk that is her soul cries out as it all goes black for her.

Now this is obviously horrendous and I suggest anyone thinking that hunting and killing Katie Hopkins is a good idea should realise that this is just me shamelessly taking an old Bill Hicks sketch and using it for my own purposes…

This is all exaggerated as after all if you’re a human being that constantly goes on about machine gunning refugees, picking fights with people like Jack Munroe because she clearly gets off on it, or generally acting like the country’s biggest arsehole then this isn’t anything. This is water of a ducks back to even suggest hunting Hopkins through the streets of London and forcing her to hide in alleys and drinking her own piss in order to live is just a giggle. It’s free speech someone like Hopkins would proclaim!

And yes it is, but the thing is that suggesting someone should be hunted and killed in all seriousness is barbaric. Suggesting in all seriousness that refugees should be shot and that anyone that falls in the glare of those cold, dead blue eyes deserves the venom spat out past her thin, lifeless lips isn’t just barbaric, but psychotic, and it’s not as if she spouts opinions that are alien to some. Far from it, she’s a Tory and she’s someone that sees life as an adversarial game where ‘winning’ is all that matters, even if that means dehumanising others, and in doing so, dehumanising herself.

I’m not saying she’s up for redemption. I don’t think she is but as we get ready to gird ourselves against the Tories it’s worth remembering that people like Hopkins are not unique. They shouldn’t be ignored and they need to be combated head on but people like Hopkins should remember this. At some point her kids are going to be old enough to Google their mother, and find out for themselves what she’s been saying so they’ll decide for themselves whether their mother is a good, decent moral person or a borderline psychopath suffering from some sort of narcissistic personality disorder. If they decide the latter then Hopkins has brought it all upon herself.

In the meantime let’s get ready to fight her ilk. It’s going to be bloody tough but if you want to wipe the rictus-like smile off that palid face without her being hunted by packs of hungry dogs the only way of doing it is to take these people on head first and never, ever let them ‘win’.


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