What I thought of Where Monsters Dwell #1


I couldn’t give a flying fuck about Marvel’s Secret Wars. It’s a crap marketing concept for continuity freaks that probably reads like someone is ironing your brain with a sledgehammer, but a World War One biplane fighting dinosaurs on the cover of a comic written by Garth Ennis? Yeah, I’m sold.


OK, Ennis is using an old crap Marvel character called the Phantom Eagle, and it does read like something Ennis has managed to knock out in half an hour, but it’s fun. It’s junk, but sometimes you do need stuff like this to let the brain rest for a bit.


This is a five minute toilet read, but it’s a good five minute toilet read. Don’t expect to remember anything about this comic apart from biplanes fighting dinosaurs and that’s it, but hey, it’s Garth Ennis having a laugh and that’s good enough.


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