Sepp Blatter is gone, everyone celebrates.

Everyone’s least favourite tyrannical football megalomaniac Sepp Blatter is leaving FIFA after far, far too long.seppblatterfucksoff


Anyone that isn’t a corrupt bloated fuckpump like Blatter and his cronies will tonight be celebrating that the man is clearing off hopefully never, ever to return and that football can return to sanity. Hopefully the nonsensical idea of holding a World Cup in Qatar, a desert country run by psychopaths, is scrapped and almost any other country bar Antarctica get it.

For those struggling as to why people are cheering the exit of a small bald man that looks like he should be sitting on a pub’s Death Row, I shall draw your attention to this fantastic clip from comedian John Oliver who explains in 13 or so minutes why Blatter needs to go, and indeed, now has.

So bye Sepp you corrupt auld bastard. Don’t let the door knock you out as you leave football forever…



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