What I thought of Crossed: Badlands #78

Thoughts about #75#76 and #77.


Last issue of this quite mental Crossed story by Keiron Gillen saw our protagonists in both the present era and 75,000 years earlier in the Crossed timeline facing a sticky situation, and a lovely little dig at archers…


But the part of the story set in the modern era isn’t the thing bringing me to this story, as good as it is compared to most other Crossed stories, no, it’s the prehistoric story which has almost perfectly married horror, history and just sheer mentalness in it’s scope.We pick up that story with Lion and his remaining warriors trying to not only escape the prehistoric animals that are trying to rape, kill and eat them, but tens of thousands of Blood Men that have been transformed into Crossed. And yes, there’s prehistoric chicken fucking…


All this insanity is something the rulers of the Blood Men actually enjoy which shouldn’t be that huge a surprise considering their actions we’ve seen so far.


This is an incredibly action packed issue as in past and present absolute carnage breaks loose thanks to the Crossed, but Gillen again manages to skillfully weave both stories perfectly, but don’t expect much in the way of character development or explanations as this isn’t that type of comic.Though with just two more parts to go we’ll see if Sun survives in the past and if our rapidly diminishing group in the present manage to find the professor and get some answers to the entire Crossed outbreak past and present.


4 thoughts on “What I thought of Crossed: Badlands #78

  1. Hi I like your reviews, a bit of a nitpick but the protagonist in the past is named Lion, Sun is actually the name of the girl he was trying to woo with the crocodile that he, Flint, Sandstorm, and Arrow killed.


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