What I thought of Big Man Plans #3

Thoughts about #1 and #2.


At the end of the last issue our Big Man had just been tortured, beaten and set on fire but had managed to live through all this albeit in a wee bit of a mess. This issue starts with an astonishingly shocking flashback to the Vietnam War that shows the reader that the Big Man is proper nails before showing us the exceptionally fucked up state he’s in after last issue.


Big Man takes refuge with the nurse that protected him as a child, and she manages to patch him together as she did many years earlier.


The old nurse clearly has dementia, but she still manages to look after him as he waits for his body to recover but Powell doesn’t make this lull tedious. In fact it’s a necessary breather not to mention it’s a chance to throw in something that if it isn’t made into a bit of merchandise would be a crime.


This issue is about building up to something so horrible, so vile in it’s violent execution that I flinched, actually flinched, looking at the page. Make no bones about it, the violence in this issue is jaw-dropping and horrific so really, if you’re at all of a weak disposition (and by now if you’re reading this series, you probably aren’t) perhaps look elsewhere for your reading pleasure, but this twisted little tale of revenge has delivered big time. There’s one more issue in this excellent series to go and it promises to be brilliant and terrible….


One thought on “What I thought of Big Man Plans #3

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