What I thought of Oh Killstrike #2

Thoughts about #1.


After the glorious pisstaking of last issue, this one sees Jared, and Killstrike (an Image Comics type of character from the 1990’s made real) go to New York to find Jared’s father, a British comics writer from the 1980’s. Or at least go to the company that employed him then in order to find out his current location and the issue starts with a wonderful gag that’s too good to spoil here, but here’s another that’s good in it’s own right.


In fact there’s a quality line on virtually every page here.


Then there’s a great dig at middle aged fanboys and a mention of Vertigo Comics, or at least, the version they can use in this lovely little satire.


There’s a nice playful tone on the surface of Oh, Killstrike, but there’s a sting in the tale as writer Max Bemis has picked his targets well, and most of the time the barbs he’s throws hit dead on.


Oh Killstrike is the sort of satire Mad would have done back in the day and that isn’t easy praise to give as Mad is the height of American humour comics, but this is an utter joy and I recommend getting on board now to enjoy it as much as I am.


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