What I thought of Project Superpowers: Black Cross #4

Thoughts about #1#2 and #3.



Of all the vague superhero titles I currently read this title by Warren Ellis is miles ahead of them all, and there’s some very good titles I’m reading at the minute. It’s the mix of crime drama, murder mystery, the supernatural, outright horror and superheroes that in the hands of a vastly lesser talent than Ellis would see this become a muddy soup of nonsense, but Ellis (ably helped by artist Colton Worley) makes this a pretty essential superhero work. Though it’s not really a superhero comic.Not many superhero comics open with two of the leading characters trying to dispose of a dead body.


This is a sort of ghost story not to mention a story of how ordinary people deal with possession or indeed, what they think is mental illness. We the readers know there’s super powered beings taking control of these people in a small town but they don’t. That’s the nice little touch Ellis has in here in that these people aren’t naturally grasping what’s being thrust upon them but are growing into whatever is happening to them slowly with sometimes fatal results for others.


This is a fantastic book. It really is and it’s one that I can’t wait to read in a sitting when it comes out in a collected edition. As for now, there’s two more issues to go for Ellis to somehow wrap everything up?


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