What I thought of Crossed: Badlands #79

Thoughts about #75#76#77 and #78.


This gruesome little tale by Keiron Gillen has managed to somehow managed to be more horrific with each issue, though I’ve not been too taken by the part of the story set in the current era of the Crossed as it’s far too much like other Crossed stories, but the prehistoric part has been utterly imaginative and fantastic. The problem is the modern day story feels like it’s holding things up and it’s the case here at the start of this issue.


After an opening in the bunker the story flicks back to 75,000 years ago where Lion and Sandstorm, the remaining tribesmen kidnapped by the Blood Men, are managing their escape from the arena they were forced to fight in.


Unfortunately for them a city full of infected Blood Men lie between them and a possible escape, and of course, escape is barely possible. Sandstorm’s suggestion is something Lion has to consider..


Then things get mental. I’m not even going to remotely ruin the big splash page of this issue but it’s clearly something both Gillen and artist Rafa Ortiz had fun coming up with as they set both threads of the story up for a big climax next issue. Gillen’s on a bit of a roll at the minute thanks to the Wicked and the Divine’s latest issue, and this story which promises to end on a high.


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