Having a Glastonbury comedown even though you’ve not been? So am I.

I spent the Glastonbury weekend watching it on the telly so why is it that on the Monday after I’m still experiencing a comedown? It’s not just me, other friends that didn’t go are experiencing the same and seem to be spending today wandering around moping and like me, wishing they were packing up and leaving a field in Somerset.

There’s a lot of genuine medical reasons for a post-festival comedown as this Vice article outlines, but why on earth should people that never actually experienced it all suffer a comedown? One though that isn’t as bad as the real thing admittedly but still bad all the same. Part of it is seeing friends on social media post their pictures upon their return, or in some cases (and I’m typing this around 2pm on the Monday afternoon after the festival) pictures of them sitting around still onsite considering actually leaving as it is a wildly nice day here in the South West. Even a shufty at the BBC webcam shows people are still slowly making their way home, though yet again and depressingly, there’s still fuckers leaving tents in the fields rather than taking their stuff home with them.


No, I think the reason why people like myself who have been experiencing Glastonbury outwith the actual festival itself are on a downer is because we know it’s a year til we get to be there ourselves. The fact it’s been a pretty good one from all reports and that the weather has been on the whole pretty damn good hasn’t helped in the feelings of something that’s been lost and missed. Thankfully I have this week off to sort some things out and start on sorting out a different path to the one I’m on at the minute so this is going to pass but it’s extraordinary the attachment one has to something even though you’ve not been anywhere near it.

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