Sad Satan is either a fantastic hoax or it’s something very scary indeed

There’s been a fair amount of coverage online about the ‘dark web’ game Sad Satan thanks to this article from Kotaku. That article goes pretty into depth, but it’s this Reddit page where it really becomes strange, well, stranger than it already is and that’s pretty bloody strange.

It’s perhaps worth people not just reading the Kotaku article, but actually watching the playthrough of the game the uploader has made available first.

There’s a fourth part coming according the uploader but the original game file he deleted, and here’s where we have to consider that it’s one of these splendid little hoaxes the internet is actually quite good at. The problem is that assuming you’ve watched all the three available videos uploaded so far there’s a lot to do with child abuse in terms of what it’s hinting at, the most obvious one being this picture of Jimmy Savile and Margaret Thatcher.


That’s not even the first image you get Googling Savile, but it is if you Google ‘Jimmy Savile Thatcher’, so to me that suggests someone did this with some knowledge of the entire situation with Savile, Thatcher and any subsequent cover up of institutional child abuse in the UK.

But watching the videos has more little possible clues like this, or they could be dead ends. Or they could all be part of something larger, and indeed, the Kotaku article links to the video called Sad Sad Satan that may be involved in all this.

The uploader there so far hasn’t responded to any messages I’ve sent, and checking out the name Scarebare doesn’t reveal much of anything, but the rest of their videos are music that they seem to have done themselves and a supposedly funny video which is the last one they uploaded a year ago, so this could be a dead end, but the video here says to ‘follow the trail’ but I do think this video is coincidence.

It strikes me there’s a number of possibilities. Firstly it’s a bit of viral marketing for a film/book/something, but the references to paedophillia and murder probably rule that out, as does it’s connection to the ‘dark web’. Secondly it’s a Slenderman type hoax created by the uploader themselves and that they’re trying to just give people some good old fashioned scares while creating a puzzle, because that’s fun, not to mention it helps raise the page views.

The third one I’ve seen bandied around is that it’s created by someone that’s either been abused, or has been/is an abuser trying to send a message or something like that. Now that’s seriously doubtful as I think the most sensible, logical answer is it’s a fantastic hoax, or a bit of Creepypasta as the kids say, but there’s little signs that there is something a bit deeper than some kid trying to get views on his YouTube page up. There is however something that makes me a bit dubious and it’s this comment from the Reddit page:

Fair warning: Be a bit careful. I looked up some more information on this game and downloaded some things (like the audio) related to it. With all the tracking messages in the game, I was a bit cautious, but I noticed immediately after that my computer was heating up a lot and running slower than usual. I ran a virus scan and I noticed that a ton of tracking cookies and a worm were in my computer, all from an unknown source. I sometimes get cookies from websites and all, but they’re usually trackable, unlike this one. If you’re working on this and normally don’t do scans, you may want to do a few checks.

Now it could be that the person that created the game isn’t very good at programming and has made some mistakes, or used dodgy software, but I don’t buy that. There’s a message people are getting saying ‘I can track you’ which sounds on it’s own something just thrown in to scare people, but when people are getting tracking cookies appearing on their computers from the game that aren’t trackable then people should be concerned about what they’re downloading in regards this game because I think the creator clearly did that deliberately and not just for a laugh.

This brings me to the other reason I think there might be something a bit more real, and possibly disturbing in this and that’s the screaming girl. One of the Reddit commentators makes this point:

I noticed there isn’t a reference in the post to the screaming girl. I believe you first encounter her in part 2. That must correspond some way in the child abuse connections. Also, I believe in that same video you walk back to the “eyes room” to like 6 or more of them all standing there except they don’t scream that time. It also seems she might be bloody but it’s hard to confirm with the game’s many visual filters.

Another poster brings up the possibility the audio is real which raises the possibility that there’s something criminal in the heart of all this. Again, this could be just a very, very good attempt to build a horror game and create a mythology around it using the resources of the internet, but that sound file is something I’d investigate myself if it wasn’t so bloody unsettling, not to mention I don’t want tracing cookies from this game on my laptop.

Basically I’ve no idea. I still think it’s a fantastic attempt to create a horror game using elements from the real world, and I think it’s extraordinarily effective but the YouTube uploader has made themselves known on the Reddit page and they seem as freaked out as anyone else, but again, this could be part of the story but his comments ring true. There’s at least one more upload to come and that will raise more questions that need answering but the entire set of circumstances around Sad Satan intrigue me as a bit of a horror fan, but I can’t help shake the feeling there’s something very real and unpleasant that could come out of this. I hope I’m wrong.


Here’s the fourth part uploaded last night. It is just as creepy and disturbing as the other three parts. There’s apparently one more part to come.


Here’s part five. I don’t have a clue either but it’s really starting to smack of something really dreadful.

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