What I thought of Mad Max: Fury Road #1


A Mad Max comic from DC’s Vertigo imprint written by creator and director George Miller filling in the blanks between Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome and Fury Road? Yeah, I’ll have some of that!  The idea of a Mad Max comic would have sent my teenage self into ecstasy for a week, now it’s just a few minutes but that’s age for you.

The issue starts off at the citadel of Immortan Joe some time after the events of Fury Road with a brief recap of all the three original Mad Max films.


These pages are fabulous if you’re a Mad Max fan as they’re lovely little summaries of all the first three films that not only finally sort out the timeline as to when the nuclear war happened, but add little details such as the one that Max has been trying to rebuild his V8 Interceptor in Beyond Thunderdome, and that artist Mark Sexton is very good at drawing Max in a way that doesn’t quite look like Mel Gibson and vaguely looks like Tom Hardy in these pages.

This prequel story is set in Gastown, the city mentioned in Fury Road, and is set round Max trying to win a V8 engine in the Thunderdome that’s relocated there after the events of the third film.


This is a fun first part of the Fury Road prequel that is going to explain just how Max got his car back, and why he was being chased at the start of the film. It reads like a bit of a failed script and as a film it wouldn’t have worked but as a comic it serves a good purpose in filling in the gaps. It also shows that creator George Miller has the world, not to mention the future of Mad Max very clearly mapped out and it’s telling that in the scenes set after Fury Road there’s not a sign of Furiosa…

I’d say this is purely for Mad Max fans only, but that doesn’t make it a bad comic. It’s fun. Treat it for what it is and does.


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