What I thought of Crossed: Badlands #80

Thoughts about #75#76#77,#78 and #79.


The last part of Keiron Gillen’s quite excellent Crossed story has been set up perfectly in both the prehistoric and present day storylines, but does the climax deliver? Well last issue we were just about to find out the contents of the professors secret lab and how this relates to a possible cure, or reason for the Crossed infection in the first place.


As for Lion 75,000 years ago he’s trying hard to escape the city of the Blood Men who happen to be fighting off a massive infection by the Crossed, not to mention a load of prehistoric animals.


Telling more of the story is a spoiler too far but my assertion that the present day story is a waste of time couldn’t be more wrong as it turns out the present day story is vitally important. In fact I can’t say anything else (and this is the third attempt to rewrite this review so I don’t give anything away) because the end is just so good, and so unexpected that it’s best experienced fresh.

Gillen has done a superb job here telling a tale of the Crossed which is not only highly original but subverts all expectations. It’s simply brilliant stuff and complimented by some horrific art from artist Rafa Ortiz. I imagine next month Crossed: Badlands will return to it’s soft porn/hardcore gore norm, but this run has been a gem and I hope Avatar and Garth Ennis get Gillen back to do another run if he can produce horror stories of this quality,


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