Road Rage: A short tale of Glastonbury 1998

This video in this blog came up in my recommendations. I’d totally forgotten all about this gig. All night it’d rained hard, and unlike 97 it carried on raining plus it was horribly bitterly cold.

The Other Stage was flooded. Everyone on site was cold, wet and fed up and on the stage Cerys Matthews stood there in heels and a tiny dress singing her heart out as the rain eventually returned after a lull to hammer the site, and the Other Stage, before Portishead came on to a crowd by this point beaten into submission by the weather.

Later that night I got lost, couldn’t find my tent and I think developed mild hypothermia. Only a couple of hippies in a tepee feeding me tea and chatting to me calmed me down, not to mention quite possibly saved me from being very, very ill. At first light I left them to find my tent which I did instantly but my mate Chris was kipping in it as his tent had been washed away. Fuck it, we crashed anyhow.

But for an hour or so nobody cared about the rain or cold. They forgot about the driving rain, the mud slopping into boots, or the fact that it did not look like stopping at all. Nah, Cerys Matthews smashed it and we all went with her as if this was a real summer’s night, not October in June.

Here’s that video. Enjoy.


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