What I thought of Archie versus Predator #4

Thoughts about #1#2 and #3.


The final issue of this barmy mini-series which has featured extraordinary violence for an Archie comic, not to mention so much cheesecake that some people have their arm in traction after reading it, is finally upon us. Last issue ended with most of Riverdale dead, Archie seriously injured and only Betty and Veronica left to take on the Predator.


There’s not an instant big battle as the mysterious black knife still has to take another life, and the Predator seems to, well, fancy Betty, but Veronica has an idea to hide in her fathers panic room and blow up her house. By this point it’s not worth even trying to piece together the plot as anything but something that the creators have went ‘fuck it’ to and thrown everything at the wall in the hope it sticks.


Then Archie starts mutating into something and Veronica is in a prom dress firing an Uzi.



By now I can’t help but enjoying this exploitative rubbish, and just as you think it can’t get even more ridiculous, it does.



And from there it gets really over the top!

Archie versus Predator is the closest a mainstream publisher has done to an underground comic in years with it’s over the top violence set in a world where all we’ve been used to is innocent fun and games. It is of course rubbish but there’s more than enough to make this a passing bit of fun, plus there’s a nice EC Comics style tribute as an ending which acts as a sort of punchline to what has been a pretty large joke.


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