What I thought of The Auteur: Sister Bambi #3

Thoughts about #1 and #2.


Three issues in on this latest Auteur series from writer Rick Spears and artist James Callahan sees things ramp up to unthought of insane proportions as Nathan T. Rex attempts to make his increasingly out of control film, Sister Bambi. Everything about though is terrible, the script especially is shite but before we get into the issue we have a wee lesson in film history….


After this gloriously barking opening we discover Rex have had a coup in being a director from Ilsa, his Nazi producer and star who has also commissioned a script which to the shock of Nathan is good until her comes across one tiny feature in the script he dislikes….


Yup, zombies. That increasingly dull and overused monster/plot device has been crammed into his film and Rex can’t work out what to do to get his film back, or to get Coconut to actually start speaking to him again after she lost the star role to Ilsa. But first he’s got to tell her that Ilsa has brought in porn actors to spice up the film. This doesn’t go well. So Rex comes up with another idea; to film one of his crew’s sex change operation.


By now good taste and subtlety have left the building but Spears smartly actually includes a conversation about the issues involved in this plot point in a couple of pages that could have been horribly preachy, but instead end up playing perfectly with Nathan’s increasingly lunatic antics.

This issue is where Spears does something quite special near the end with those few pages of conversation between Igor and Nathan which isn’t too preachy, isn’t patronising and manages to just about stay on everyone’s right side while at the same time still keeping Nathan as this incredible monster who will quite literally do anything to make a film. As for next issue, it seems Nathan is going to have his hands full with zombies and of course, I assume we’ll have the end result of what’s happened with the planned surgery so roll on next month…

2 thoughts on “What I thought of The Auteur: Sister Bambi #3

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