What I thought of Mad Max: Fury Road #2

Thoughts about #1.


This prequel to Fury Road is interesting in that it’s not quite a fully realised film script but there’s points that had it been filmed it’d have looked spectacular, but for much of it the script feels like a low budget Mad Max film, which might have worked.


But ultimately the story here is not just about Max descending into the depths of a destroyed Sydney to recover his car, but also a young girl who is the daughter of the woman that saved him in the first issue. The plot as such of the issue is Max and the girl fighting their way past an endless parade of bad guys which is where it begins to dawn why this story has ended up as a comic and not a film. It’s essentially similar in places to Dredd and The Raid (hero fights their way out of somewhere full of evil bastards) but it’s still interesting to imagine a cinematic version of this though it’d probably suit Mel Gibson better than Tom Hardy’s version of Max.


The problem is that there’s a lot of post-apocalyptic comics out there and this does blend in at times, but there’s some odd little touches like the fact the bad guys breed moths for food, however unlike a lot of similar comics it has a pretty straightforward hero in Max who ultimately is a good guy.


Most of all it explains the little girl in the flashbacks in Fury Road, the return of the V8 and why Max is on the run from raiders at the start of the film. As a bit of Mad Max canon it’s pretty essential plus it’s not half bad at all which considering how bad comic adaptions of films normally are is some serious praise.


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