Is Jeremy Corbyn the saviour of Labour?

The short answer is maybe, but probably not in Scotland where Labour face a continuing extinction level event.

The long answer is more complicated. As we all know Labour were pumped in the election mainly because of a weak leader in Ed Milliband, Ed Balls being Ed Balls, crap neo-Tory policies supporting austerity but Labour’s nice austerity as opposed to the nasty Tory austerity. In effect voters looked at Labour and did one of several things.They voted for another party with the SNP, Greens and UKIP being the main benefactors of a collapsing Labour vote. They looked at Labour’s Tory-lite policies thought ‘nah’ and voted Tory, or they didn’t vote at all as one of the legacies of Tony Blair is a general disillusionment in politics.

Yet Ed Milliband did something quite remarkable in that he’s the first Labour leader since Tony Blair in 1997 to grow the Labour vote in England and Wales and that’s because he ran on a vague leftish platform. Of course other elements aligned to defeat Labour but Scotland aside, Milliband stopped the leaking of voters, but he was never going to be seen as a PM by anyone which has sent Labour into the insane bit of logic that to be elected, they need someone who looks like a PM and this leads me to the tragedy that is the Labour leadership election.

As most people paying attention know there are four candidates: Yvette Cooper otherwise known as Mrs. Ed Balls so someone the Tories would dearly love as leader because they know how fucking hated Balls was by the wider electorate. There’s Andy Burnham who’s main characteristic is that he’s not got a character beyond ‘Stock Northern English MP’. Don’t like Andy’s principles? No worries, he’s got some more sitting around you might like. He’s the very definition of a modern Labour MP except he’s not as Liz Kendall is standing.

As some readers of my blog will know I spent over a decade living in Leicester and in that time my MP’s were Greville Janner and Patricia Hewitt. Yes, it really was that bad. Now the people of Leicester are returning Liz Kendall to Westminster and you have to ask not just why they’re doing that, but why someone who is so far removed from the basic core principles of the Labour movement even in the party in the first place?

Then there’s Jeremy Corbyn, a man seen by some as the devil himself and by others as simply the second coming.  He’ll either destroy Labour or save it!! Truth is his task is if elected an enormous one but from the off his first move should be to cut off the ‘Scottish’ branch of Labour because realistically, the SNP have Scotland tied up til independence comes, plus people look at Labour and see a party that allowed poverty, corruption, child abuse and wars to happen and did nothing to stop them. Even Corbyn won’t solve Labour’s problems in Scotland but he can in England. Wales is another matter but I’m unsure how that could go.

In England where UK elections are won and lost there’s a winnable task for Corbyn which is to make Labour an actual real opposition, fight the Tories and push an alternative. Then it’s a matter of getting Labour’s new members to not just sit on their collective arses on Twitter and proclaim Corbyn a great success but get out into the streets, schemes and estates across England. Yeah, they’ll be told to fuck off a lot but unless Labour reconnect with the working class in England they’re over as a party and a movement, plus they’ll never, ever get anywhere near power. Corbyn isn’t going to sweep to a massive majority, nor is he as radical as some think, but then he’s not an evil mistake as the Blairites suggest he is.

Of course the Blairites suggest that Labour will do better with a Kendall or Burnham in charge. That’s this man..

Once you’ve stopped chucking up after ingesting all that sugar coated bullshit he’s Liz Kendall…

Winning! Power! NHS! Winning! Values! Winning! Looking stressed at a monitor!! Did she mention winning?

Placed next to each other Burnham’s cheesy family man sub Ripping Yarns northern English shtick looks like Nelson Mandela’s finest hour next to Kendall’s cold, calculated soulless and ultimately empty effort.

Cooper wisely hasn’t made a video yet, and Corbyn seems to be too busy to as he’s actually getting up off his arse and meeting people seemingly nightly in packed meetings across England. Yet the comparisons with Scotland should be held in reserve for now. Corbyn’s campaign at the moment isn’t energising an entire country, just the ones interested in some shape or from in politics yet it’s a tiny wee seed that might grow into something larger and more like what we’ve seen in Scotland, Spain and Greece.

So Corbyn isn’t the saviour of Labour. He might on the other hand be the man that gives the party, not to mention politics in England the same kick it’s had in Scotland but he should be supported because sure as shit, if one of the others get elected Labour will spend the next five years blandly capitulating to the Tories and leaving the fight to the SNP, Greens, Plaid Cymru, SDLP and even the DUP.  Simply put the Labour Party are needed right now and if they’re not going to fight either under a Kendall/Burnham/Cooper led party or reject Corbyn as leader then they need to die because there’s no longer any point to the Labour Party.

1 thought on “Is Jeremy Corbyn the saviour of Labour?

  1. Love this post! Leadership election is looking pretty disastrous indeed.

    Let’s take another moment to talk about Liz Kendall’s video. What the bloody hell was she thinking?! If she wants to prove that she is not a soundbite politician, it may have been a good idea not to produce a polished video full of soundbites, cut them up into 15 second soundbite videos, and then uploaded them all to her YouTube channel which has effectively become the ‘Liz Kendall soundbites’ playlist.


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