I was a victim of the Labour Purge!

To my complete lack of shock I’ve been refused a vote for the Labour leadership contest. Even though I’m a member of the CWU I’ve been refused. OK, Labour probably checked out my social media or even this blog and found support for SNP, Green and other ‘far left’ political ideas and concepts (to be honest it’s probably because I opted out of my union fees going to Labour) but seeing as Labour are supposed to be of the left it’s somewhat rich.

Then again all of this Labour Purge is about trying to get rid of people that’ll vote for Jeremy Corbyn as I was intending to do. This wasn’t because it’d make me vote Labour again, but a Corbyn led Labour Party would at least fight against the Tories rather than roll over like a fat cat and let them do whatever they want. It’d have a bit of bite about it and that for a democracy is good because right now bar those 56 SNP MP’s, three Plaid Cymru MP’s and one Green MP acting as a bloc, there is no party consistently standing against the Tories en masse. Corbyn might change that or at least add his MP’s support to the opposition currently there in Parliament.

Of course the question is whether Labour will allow Corbyn to become leader, which I’m increasingly thinking they never will even though he’s clearly going to be the most popular candidate the assumption from the Blairites and the controlling right wing of the party is he’ll never win an election. Possibly, but here’s something to consider: none of the others will. Ruling out Liz Kendall as she’s not going to get anywhere, if Cooper wins then Labour are over and done with forever in Scotland not to mention you can probably expect Scottish independence within a decade. The party will be in decline in Wales and the North of England may develop into hard Tory/UKIP territory.

Burnham wins and the party might cling on for a bit but it’ll die. Like Cooper he’ll never win an election. Corbyn maybe putting some tired old socialist ideas (he’s a bit too Socialist Workers Party in some of his rhetoric) and is a Unionist but he’s a democrat at heart and he’s a believer in fairness which is what Labour need right now. That said, I don’t think he’s the man to take Labour to the promised land. I see him a bit like Alex Salmond who revamped and updated a tired old party like the SNP and made it into something else, before he gave the reigns to Nicola Stugeon who turned it into a movement. Here’s there’s some parallels as the support for Corbyn is a real grassroots movement but the next Labour PM could not even be a member of the party yet, They could be someone in that mass supporting Corbyn as opposed to someone like Cooper or Burnham who would be terrible as PM.

However I’ll not have my say. I’ve been purged from the bowels of Labour by some McCarthite shady figure deep in Labour HQ who right now is looking through someone’s social media for signs of being a filthy lefty, and Labour can’t be left wing!


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