Louise Mensch has failed at Twitter

Louise Mensch is the former Tory MP that spends most of her time on Twitter. At this time I’m writing this she has over 144k Tweets since she joined Twitter in January 2009 so that’s an astonishing average of 1800 Tweets a month so you’d think someone that’s been on the site for so long would understand how it works?

Nah. She doesn’t Last night she Tweeted this in an attempt to smear supporters of Jeremy Corbyn.

louisemensch3Mensch thought these were autocomplete suggestions Twitter was giving her but anyone that’s used the site for longer than five minutes (apart from Mensch) will look at those wee ‘x’ after each suggestion as spot right away that these are Mensch’s own searches that Twitter is throwing back at her.

To be fair I’ve just tried searching for Liz Kendall and found these suggestions.


See, there’s no little crosses after each suggestion, and although there is the shocking suggestion that Kendall is in a left wing party and that she should visit Wales, the fact that Twitter suggest ‘Liz Kendall Zionists’ isn’t probably a shock as by now thousands of people has used that search term therefore that throws it to the top of the list. It doesn’t mean that the people doing that are antisemites, or indeed, supporters of Jeremy Corbyn. It just means people are using that search term. I understood this before being trained in digital marketing because I used the internet for more than a few hours a day like Mensch does.

But nah, she’s not admitting defeat and continues to insist that these are supporters of Corbyn doing the searching. Now there clearly are bigots and antisemites out for Kendall, but Mensch is clinging onto the fact that ‘Liz Kendall zionist’ coming up as a suggestion is proof of Corbyn’s supporters being a mass of brutal Jew hating bastards. Because there are some bigots Tweeting abuse at Kendall doesn’t mean they lead to Corbyn, but then again Mensch isn’t actually standing up for Kendall but trying to smear Corbyn, She didn’t actually condemn some of the vaguely antisemitic crap Ed Milliband got for eating a bacon sandwich (in all the general pisstaking there was a clear hint of antisemitism from some) but no, this is all about labeling Corbyn with the tag ”antisemite”.

Now one may ask why a Tory is pushing hard against Corbyn and defending Liz Kendall and I leave you to draw your own conclusions, but it’d be unfair for me to mention Louise Mensch without yet again ,mentioning her days as a groupie

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