What I thought of They’re Not Like Us #7

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Three months ago the last issue of Image’s teen superhero comic came out and ended with Syd leading a split in the group, and this issue picks up a month after all that happened. Things seem much, much happier now Syd and her small group are free of The Voice and his violent, cynical ways, plus everyone gets their real names back thanks to Syd, or Tabitha as she’s really known.


Sadly for Tabitha and her friends there’s trouble brewing as the police investigate strange happenings in the hospital.


The Voice also proves a problem as although people are free of him, they can’t forget him so he’s there lurking as a background presence threatening to burst in and disrupt the harmony our little group have managed to build in a month.

Writer Eric Stephenson seems to be hitting his stride after the first arc which had an awful lot of exposition and not much else at times, while this issue makes previous issues look positively glacial in places as all the characters are now where they should be before the plot starts moving on to the next level. As always Simon Gane’s art is superb, but with this arc the story has to be going somewhere which thanks to some of the revelations in this issue it appears to be. I just hope at some point this series starts fulfilling it’s full potential.


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