Jack Kirby would have been 98 today

Jack Kirby would have been 98 today, and like previous year’s I don’t have much to say that hasn’t been said, but here’s the man’s drawing desk.


This was posted on social media by Jack Kirby’s granddaughter Jillian who has more than ably flown the flag for her grandfather for quite a few years now, and again, it’s worth reminding people that had Kirby not helped create the first issue  of the Fantastic Four with Stan Lee then there’s no Marvel Universe. No Marvel Comics. No Marvel Studios. No Marvel films. Nothing.


DC Comics don’t escape a lack of Kirby. No Kirby means no Fourth World, which means no Darkseid and a company trying hard to shake off the old fogey image of the 50’s and 60’s longer than it actually took.


As Kirby’s 100th birthday comes closer it cannot be driven home enough how major a figure in late 20th century culture Kirby is. Without him, whether to read comics or not, our lives look vastly different so happy birthday. Thanks for everything!


2 thoughts on “Jack Kirby would have been 98 today

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