The Corbynite Maneuver


There’s a brilliant episode of the original series of Star Trek where the crew are confronted by a vastly superior alien craft that could easily destroy them. Captain Kirk tells the aliens the Enterprise is made of Corbomite, a fictitious substance which would detonate and destroy utterly everything if it was fired upon. The aliens back off, every makes friends, Kirk, Spock and McCoy share a joke, and Kirk shags a green slave girl. The End!

Of course this is an analogy for the the Cold War and Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) , as well as being a great bit of science fiction. Corbomite doesn’t exist. It’s a bluff designed to scare the other side because the other side doesn’t know if Kirk is lying or not so it plays it safe and backs off.

So it is with the ongoing Jeremy Corbyn story. In this case the Labour Party are using Corbyn as a thing that will cause everything to explode! Women only carriage (he didn’t actually say that), QE for the people is insane! (but for banks it’s perfectly fine), renationalising industries are mental! (Yet this is supported by a large majority of the public) and the public will never accept any form of left wing government because they rejected it in 1983! (forgetting the fact that only people over the age of 50 voted in 1983 and the SNP’s successes in Scotland since 2007).

In effect it’s the establishment playing their own massive bluff in the hope Corbyn and his supporters back down. They think that playing these lines will make people back off and things return to ‘normal’ because in the minds of the establishment Labour Party, anything that threatens the status quo is a threat and must be destroyed.

Now there are issues with Corbyn’s ideas and I’ve said his ideas on Scotland are hopelessly outdated and out of touch, but he’s trying to be easily dismissed by such intellectual titans like Yvette Cooper (the person that introduced ATOS) and Liz Kendall. I a couple of weeks we’ll find out who Labour have elected as leader but for those still to vote don’t believe the giant bluff that’s being played by the Labour Party and their cronies  the media.


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