Tony Blair and the Monsters from Hell

Tony Blair has yet again warned the bloodied mass of the Labour Party that a vote for Jeremy Corbyn is akin to a vote vote Hitler, or Mugabe, or a horrible gene splicing of both of them. Of course the fact Corbyn is suggesting that Labour finally take some responsibility for the bloody mess of Iraq and if need be, Blair has a few months in court is probably motivating him in a selfish act of self-preservation which only an unmitigated bastard like Blair is capable of.

He warns that Corbyn stood with monsters and that Labour should never stand with extremists. His acolytes like Yvette Cooper, Andy Burnham and Liz Kendall all say Corbyn needs to be looked at because he knew bad people and that the Labour membership should back off potential leaders that mingle with extremists.

In the real world of course any Prime Minister has to mix with monsters. It’s the nature of the job that you will at some point have to speak to barbarians and savages and in fact, it’s how one actually deals with these people that define you as in say, Tony Blair trying to save Gadaffi.I can cope with his dealing with a monster, I disagree with his defence of that monster, just as I do his defence of people like George Bush, or his shilling for companies like Monsanto, or the suspicion he used his role a Middle East Peace Envoy (a sick joke in itself) to call for sweatshops in Palestine which would allow vulnerable people to be exploited.

Throw a stone at Blair’s history since 1997 and you’ll hit a monster, or something so bloody awful that the results of that will be felt for generations as the refugee crisis enveloping Europe may not have happened had the UK and US led an invasion of Iraq. Of course Blair in his time as PM did good, but too little of it before Labour resorted to neoliberalism and Labour’s very own brand of Thatcherism that the likes of Liz Kendall or Yvette Cooper want to continue today. He also decries Scotland’s civic nationalism but avoids his own cringing attempts at nationalism, which really was what Cool Britannia was all about.

So in the year 2015 there’s a former Labour leader and PM warning it’s members not to go to the left, and it has leadership candidates spouting the sort of rhetoric that’d not be out of place at a Tory Party conference. Truly Blair created monsters and well as standing with them, and the mark of a person is the company they keep which leads me to make a cheap, yet obvious point with this:


Do you trust a  word Tony Blair says?


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