What I thought of Plutona #1


Jeff Lemire and Emi Lenox’s Plutona has an interesting premise:

A brand new heartfelt super-hero series by JEFF LEMIRE (DESCENDER, Hawkeye) and amazing newcomer EMI LENOX! PLUTONA follows the story of five suburban kids who make a shocking discovery while exploring the woods one day after school…the body of Plutona, the world’s greatest superhero. A dark and heartbreaking journey about friendship and coming of age all through the lens of the superhero genre.

Yes, it’s Stand By Me with superheroes and after the initial bit of interest I found myself being a wee bit depressed as I started reading this. Not because it’s a badly made comic, it isn’t. Lemire and Lenox turn out a good script and Lenox’s art is exceptional, but the fact that rather than let a story about childhood tell itself, the decision was made to do it as a superhero story.


This means that an interesting story about different (but slightly cliched) kids is tied into superheroes which means we’re in a superhero book which this doesn’t need to do. It’s basically an easy way to hook in readers rather than let the basic idea (kids have a moment in time that force them to grow up) breathe off it’s own merits.


Of course the idea of superheroes in an ordinary world worked in Love and Rockets, except this isn’t the Hernandez Brothers and this isn’t Love and Rockets.It is a perfectly decent, serviceable story that is interesting enough to make me want to read the rest of this four issue mini-series, but it’s not inspiring enough to make it anything more than a bunch of talented creators perhaps not living up to their full potential.


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