What I thought of The Beauty #2

Thoughts about #1.


From the minute this issue opens with another victim of the Beauty virus dying live on television, and the aftermath of detective Foster’s infection by the virus this becomes an uneasy cross between satirical science fiction/horror and tedious cop drama/soap opera.


The thing that annoys me about The Beauty is that there’s a massively brilliant idea for a social satire, or drama and it’s cops and politicians, not to mention the inevitable conspiracy by ‘them’!


The Beauty isn’t a bad comic, it’s just remove the central idea and it’s a comic that over the last 15 years especially has been done to death and even though the creators are talented enough, this isn’t especially entertaining or engaging enough. The character’s don’t help being cardboard cut outs, and the clunky, often cringeworthy dialogue at times makes my eyes hurt in my wee skull.

So here’s where me and The Beauty part our ways….

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